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It’s Almost Moving Day

We’ve reached a great milestone which just one year ago seemed almost impossible. However, due to the generosity of over 300 donors from around the world we will be moving the kids into their new home in late October.

CIO is not just a place to eat and sleep. Srey Mom and Sitha’s vision goes far beyond meeting the basic needs of the children; they seek to provide their children with educational opportunities, tutoring, and arts and music training. To help them achieve their vision we are now working to build a Learning Center within the walls of CIO. This Center will have two classrooms for the children to study in and a Library for which we are already receiving book donations. While some money has already been raised to begin the Learning Center, to complete it we are looking to raise another $22,000.

One of the things that will make this Learning Center so special is that not only will it benefit the children of CIO, but also the children from the village where CIO is located. The Learning Center will provide village kids access to educational opportunities that do not exist for them today.

To celebrate their new home, Sitha, Srey Mom and the kids are having a huge housewarming event on the 19th of November. Many of you from around the world will not be able to join us, but hopefully some of you can. We will share photos and videos of the event so those not attending can experience the joy of this occasion.

Thank you for all your support.


Housewarming Invitation

The kids moving in

A view of the completed dorms
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