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Since our last update we have received cash, pledges and donations which will make it possible for the new Learning Center to be constructed and we hope to break ground on August 1st.

Just the other day I was perusing the names of the nearly 400 generous people who have donated to the CIO children by supporting the Orphanage Construction Project and Learning Center Project. There were many big donors like Sarah, Chrissy, Neville, the Bath Rotary Club and others. But just as important were the dozens of people who donated $5, $10 or $25 dollars. It shows the kind and trusting nature of human beings when they are willing to take a few dollars from their income to help children half way around the world. One such donor is Jim, a WWII vet, confined to a nursing home, who has generously donated twice to the CIO Building Project from his meager pension.

This has been an amazing uplifting experience.

As we move into the final phase of construction, our focus turns to ensuring the long-term well-being of the CIO Organization and the children. Many of you know that along with building the orphanage we have been working to ensure each child is sponsored. These sponsorships help to offset the cost of food, shelter, medical expenses and education. If you would like to be a sponsor or a back-up sponsor for one of our CIO children please contact:
Janis in Australia (jlindblom@optusnet.com.au)
Alison in Australia (mail@aliz.com.au)
Rich in the USA and EU (richcromwell1@gmail.com)

We sincerely thank those who have donated large and small, not only for your donation but also for your confidence in the CIO team.

The kids on the Learning Center parcel

Sitha tutoring the little ones

International Children’s Day Celebration