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Our Mission: To provide a safe and permanent home for 37 orphans** in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and to provide ongoing necessary support to the children living there.

Project Goals:

  • To acquire land for the orphanage** near Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • To build a well planned, sustainable and safe orphanage that will house up to 40 kids of all ages
  • To provide ongoing support, education and resources to the children at home in the orphanage

**The CIO children are poverty orphans, abandoned children, rescued street kids, former child trafficking victims and parent-less orphans….but how do they perceive themselves….certainly not as orphans.

They see themselves as members of a big,  safe family with trusted parents, Sitha and Srey Mom.

I have visited many orphanages and never have I experienced that the Orphanage Director had established legal guardianship of every individual child as Sitha and Srey Mom have done.

Father, Mother and 37 children who feel in their heart of hearts that they are brothers and sisters in a big family.

So the terms orphan and orphanage are used to describe our perception from the outside looking in.

Rich Cromwell - 21-IMGP1789

Leahna handed me the touching note to the left moments before I took this picture.

Leahna's note