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How You Can Help Cambodian Kids


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Rich’s Pledge to You:

I always pay my own transportation to and from Cambodia, my hotels, meals and laundry.  I also pay for the webmaster and all “Cambodia Kids” administration.  This said, I still cannot say 100% of your donations end up in the orphanage.

Tina and I are adamant that the highest percentage possible of your generous donations directly benefit the CIO children.

As a result we are donating $500 for each $10,000 of GoFundMe (GFM) contributions to cover the cost of GFM fees and other fees related to transferring funds Internationally.

This coupled with the cooperation of CIO’s cadre of International friends and supporters, the trust we have in Sitha and Srey Mom and the way we pay our bills directly in Cambodia all contribute to 97%-98% of your dollars reaching the kids.

It is amazing, the potential for permanent change, that every dollar donated has.

Please note you can donate directly through our GoFundMe site by clicking here.  All donations giving on GoFundMe will be deposited in  Bath, Maine’s Rotary Club’s Charitable Trust, a 501C3 charity.

For a breakdown of the estimates for land purchase and construction budget.

Thank you for your interest, and if you are so inclined, thank you for any donation of any size.