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Please take a look at the photos below. The Learning Center is nearly complete, and the kids will be taking classes and using the library before the end of the year. Generous donations received in the last few months will allow us to put the finishing touches on the orphanage.

We have exceeded our fundraising goal due to your generosity and as such are closing our GoFundMe campaign as of December 1st.  We sincerely thank those who have donated large and small, not only for your donation but also for your confidence in the CIO team.

Learning Center Final Campaign Shot






Many of you know that along with building the orphanage we have been working to ensure each child is sponsored. These sponsorships help to offset the cost of food, shelter, medical expenses and education. If you would like to be a sponsor or a back-up sponsor for one of our CIO children please contact:
Janis in Australia (jlindblom@optusnet.com.au)
Alison in Australia (mail@aliz.com.au)
Rich in the USA and EU (richcromwell1@gmail.com)