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RithyTina and I joyfully continue monthly sponsorships of Sam and Say with $35 each month.

We have found that what we do for these kids brings us great personal satisfaction and will benefit them long after we are gone.

Australians, with the encouragement of Janis, Debra and Pauline, are currently sponsoring all 39 of the children, but with the devaluation of the Australian Dollar and local inflation, the sponsorships now cover only half of the $2,750 of monthly operating costs the orphanage faces. The orphanage depends on chance visits from generous tourists and sporadic support from benefactors around the world to make up the difference. It is hit or miss, and Sitha and Srey Mom live in a constant state of worry about the welfare of their 39 children.

We would like to change that by giving you and others the opportunity to consider sponsoring a child!

If you are interested in the US or UK, please email me at: richcromwell1@gmail.com  or in Australia email Alison at: mail@aliz.com.au and we will send you an electronic package, outlining the easy payment system, the benefits, orphanage financials, and children’s profiles. Then you can decide… your interest alone will be encouraging.

Our dream of building this unique family a permanent and safe home this last year has come to fruition.  Our focus now turns to ensuring the orphanage has broad based monthly support through sponsorships, so that Sitha and Srey Mom’s great work of fostering healthy, happy, and well educated citizens for the new Cambodia can continue.

Please take a look at the links below to gain a better understanding of just how wonderfully unique the family CIO really is!








ThaiThai is a motherless kid. His mother dies in 2011 and he has been abandoned by his father in order to find work in Thailand to survive.  He lived with his grandfather who is an alcoholic and hit him.  A man in his village took him to the orphanage in 2013.  Thai resides at the orphanage with his sister Sreynet and is a cute little bugger.



ThearaTheara chronically ill father was unable to care of his daily needs or send him to school so he was brought to the orphanage.  Rich call Theara “The Professor” because whenever he went looking for him he was in his room with his nose in a book.