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Dear Friends,
Sitha and SreyMom, the CIO Orphanage Directors, and I spent several days in November visiting six properties with landowners. We have one site that we visited twice. Although it is at the top end of our budget it is convenient to schools and open air markets, it has electricity nearby and the fill requirement is also within our budget.
Please note in the picture that the land in question, which is behind us, is currently a rice paddy….all rural land here was at one time a rice paddy.

CIO’s newest family member…Lisa

The older girls helping the infants

The children of the Childrens Improvement Organization  (CIO)  are living in temporary housing.  The landlord could force them out tomorrow, and these children would be on the street again as they all were in the spring of 2014.Many of us who know their kind mother and father, Srey Mom and Sitha, and know the joy in the hearts of the children wish to protect the kids by finding  land and developing a new orphanage that will be home for CIO – forever!We need to raise $125,000 to buy land and construct a new orphanage.  Wondering where your money will go?  View our land purchase and construction estimates here .


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