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Thank you again for your generosity in helping the children of CIO to have a permanent home.

We have one last objective that needs to be reached. Right now 3 of the 8 rooms in the dormitory are serving as classrooms and the library. This means 39 children are living in 5 rooms.

For $25,000 we can construct a Learning Center. It will be an immeasurable benefit not only to the children of CIO but also to the village children of the poor community where CIO is located.

CIO has taken a group of kids otherwise doomed to a life of poverty and constant peril and provided them with a safe environment to grow up in and an education that will give them the tools to achieve a better life. Your generosity will benefit them not only now, but for 100 years, as it influences not just them, but their children and grandchildren.

Sitha and Srey Mom’s willingness to open the new Learning Center to the village will give CIO the opportunity to bring education and its long term benefits to more children.

We know you have been generous in the past. Please help us now by forwarding this message to your friends and contacts to help us reach this final goal.

CIO and Village Kids with New Books

Inside the Temporary Library at CIO

CIO Kids Opening Donated Books
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