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The kids don’t understand or care much about land deals but they love soccer and volleyball. So on behalf of the Bath Rotary I had two goals fabricated, purchased nets for the new goals and a net for the volleyball court. The kids were ecstatic and someone has been playing none stop with their new soccer and volley balls since Sunday when we got set up.
The boy’s and girl’s soccer teams have done well in the kids soccer league the last two years. This year CIO will have not only the boy’s and girl’s playing but also a mixed under 10 team.
I had a wonderful day Sunday watching the kids laugh and cavort for hours.
Before I left home my wife, Tina, taught me how to teach the kids to make “Starbooks” and make Starbooks they did…large and small, multi-colored and creatively designed. When I left Sunday I asked if we should continue on Monday. There was a loud cheer–Yes.
When I arrived Monday with more materials every girl was already making stars. Again it was a great joy for me to watch the children talking, laughing and working together.
All and all one of the best days of my life and I have you folks and these wonderful kids to thank!

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